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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Domo meets the world

Over the last year I've been designing and building Domo, my cnc milling machine.  He's currently on rev 4 and I'm finally satisfied with the design (my inner ocd disagrees but whatever). 

I determined the following constraints given my lack of metal working skills
  • Leverage existing components (8020 aluminum, pre-made linear rails, etc) 
  • Minimal manual milling (only 3 parts require high precision)
  • Easy to adjust and align
Below is the latest.  Perhaps I'll post some of his previous forms in the future.

A few features

  • Workspace: 55" x 29" cutting surface with 6" travel on the z axis
  • 381oz-in motors and Gecko g540
  • Bosch 1617 Router
  • Z axis

And a test run...


John Bliss said...

Great job Todd. Very impressive.

Anonymous said...

Cost breakdown?

todd said...

@anonymous I plan on posting that sometime in the near future :)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to show us the building of Domo or at least a parts list with who you got what from?

Why do you not recommend the's z-axis?

I want to build a CNC machine but every time I find a kit or plans I find that it is basically a POC.

Unknown said...

Is there a mail list we can get on to get the parts list and sourcing when you get it? I would like to build one as soon as I can collect all the parts, but need to know what those parts are first. :)

Shaun Marsh said...

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Anonymous said...

Why didn't you use the 80/20 linear bearing Parts?

ClaBosUDINE said...

It's possible to have the plans of the Cnc? Thanks

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