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Friday, January 6, 2012

Making the switch

After sometime of test cuts, configuration changes, reading, researching, etc; I’ve decided to switch to mach3.  

The short of it

  • there’s a greater amount of people using and therefore extending mach3 with the routines I seek (auto-zero Z, homing, 
  • the standard scripting language is like second nature to me (not sure if I like confessing a strong knowledge of vbscript but... there ya have it.)

Originally I stayed away from mach3 given the dizzying UI and overwhelming options only to find myself knee deep in emc2 config, however yesterday’s design session brought me to the realization I really don’t need to focus on all the new stuff of emc2 2.5 (gladevcp) as I’d prefer to spend my time making sawdust.

Ger21 from made a beautiful screen layout which which greatly reduces your sense vertigo when looking at mach3.  It includes a few strategies for tool changes and probing.  You can find it here: for a mere 20 dollars.


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